Finding exactly the right peopleFinding exactly the right people

Search and selection

An expert search to precisely locate, and then hire, the best talent available

It's true that, very often, the best people aren't the ones applying for work. They tend to be great at their jobs, so are well looked after and perhaps don't have their CVs on the open market.

Starting the search 

We begin our search within our own database - people who are registered with us for when exactly the right role comes up. People who are interested in opportunities and career progression, not job-hopping. We've built up an extensive database of telecoms and IT professionals and we can often meet the client's needs at this stage. Unlike many of the larger, generalist recruitment companies, we're in contact with all of our candidates and understand their needs as well as we understand those of our clients - it's this which allows us to find people who will be truly 'well-placed'. 

Extending the search 

Where required, we extend our search to specialists, people who match the search criteria who are working successfully within other organisations. We extensively research companies within chosen industry sectors, seeking the right person - always professional and discreet in our approach. We only shortlist those who are a strong match for the role and only interview those chosen from the shortlist, again, with discretion. We don't reveal our clients' company name until a qualified and interested candidate has agreed to meet.

Helping to manage the recruitment process

At the final offer stage it's usually more effective for us to broker the offer. Once the candidate accepts the position, we remain in the loop to keep things on track. 

Although search and selection used to be a tool for executive recruitment, it's now used extensively where specific - perhaps rare - skills are needed, or where the role demands someone with particular skills is required.

Well-Placed People is a specialist contract and permanent recruitment company, focusing on filling jobs in the telecoms and IT sectors. Based in the UK, we service clients across much of Western Europe.

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