Specialist skills when and where you need themSpecialist skills when and where you need them

Contract recruitment for telecoms and IT

Helping organisations to find skilled people for specific projects and fixed timescales.

Nowhere is the skill of finding exactly the right person more important than when sourcing a contractor: someone who not only has the right skills but who also will fit right into your organisation - and be productive immediately. 

That's what we do - and why we're called Well-Placed People. But we're not only good at finding and placing people - we also provide ongoing support for our contractors, even when they're working overseas. It's simply part of the way we work to help contractors to settle into their roles and continue to support them during their tenure, with help on everything from accommodation to tax. After all, our contractors are part of our team, so we want to look after them - that way, they'll want to work with us, and our customers, again.

Telecoms contractors to match your needs 

We're skilled at matching people to telecoms roles, including: systems engineering, system design engineering, hardware design engineering, electrical design engineering, system architecting, senior consultancy and power design - over a comprehensive set of technology areas, including: RF, RAN, 3G, LTE, BSS, OSS, research and development, system integration, enterprise products/services and consumer products.

Technology specialists

We're also great at finding people to fill most technology contracts, including those for: business analysis, database administration, support analysis, database development, project management, software development and testing - and a wide range of technologies, including: C#, C++, J2EE, Java, Oracle and SQL Server. 

We're not only experienced at helping organisations in the UK, but also across much of Western Europe.

Well-Placed People is a specialist contract and permanent recruitment company, focusing on filling jobs in the telecoms and IT sectors. Based in the UK, we service clients across much of Western Europe.

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