Candidate, contractor and consultant careBuilding a lasting business partnership

Candidate, contractor and consultant care

A key part of not just our service, but our whole business DNA, is how we look after our candidates, contractors and consultants.

We don't believe in treating people as though they are worker robots - 'assets' to be placed and then forgotten. To us, our candidates, contractors and consultants are real people with whom we build a lasting business partnership.

We strive to provide an end-to-end, supportive service - really understanding each person's needs: their motivations, goals - after all, everyone is different. To place people successfully, we have to really understand them.

Meeting the candidate 

We start by understanding each person we deal with - as a person. We don't just want to know their skills, but also their aspirations and goals: to get to know their personality, so we know how they'll fit in with different organisations.

When we find a suitable opportunity, we brief the candidate in detail about it - not just so that he or she is properly informed, but also to validate the person's suitability and connection with the role. We prepare the person for interview - and we debrief the person afterwards. All of this enables us to learn more about the person, more about the client and more about the role. 

When a candidate is placed, our job isn't done. We help with salary or contract rate negotiation, business advice (for example, whether it might be more effective to operate as a limited company), taxation advice, help gaining work permits or visa and so on. Even when the candidate is placed in a role, we remain available to answer ad hoc questions.

Here are some examples of how we help:


  • Support with identifying and arranging flights, registering in the destination country, finding accommodation, schools and providing advice about living and working in the destination country.
  • Providing people with relevant information and points of contact in the destination country, to make the first days or weeks as easy as possible.
  • Where feasible, Well-Placed People will introduce new people to other candidates and consultants who are working for the same client, in the same city and country - to provide on-the-ground, real-time information and advice.

During assignment

  • First-week call, to make sure everything is running smoothly: not just with the role, but also with accommodation, transport and family.
  • We provide a personal point of contact throughout the duration of the assignment - we're always there to help the candidate.
  • We provide regular communications - a proactive personal point of contact which can also include on-site visits to speak with the candidate and the client, to ensure that any issues are identified and dealt with - but more importantly to provide regular feedback to both parties.
  • Prompt payment of invoices and expenses - we know how important this is!
  • Fast response and support with any timesheet, payroll, invoice issues or enquiries.
  • Proactive approach to securing contract extensions; these are typically secured 6-8 weeks prior to the current contract's end date.
  • Contract/rate negotiation. 


  • If our consultants or candidates have successfully completed their assignment and there is no further extension, we provide a proactive approach to identifying and securing their next assignment.
  • Gaining end-of-contract feedback, plus a reference for our candidate/consultant.
  • We work to understand what our candidates/consultants are looking for in their next assignments, approach our client network to identify suitable opportunities, provide proactive (and confidential) candidate marketing to contact those organisations with which we may not currently be talking - but which may be interested in our candidates.
  • Providing ongoing advice and guidance in updating CVs, job searches, etc.

Well-Placed People is a specialist contract and permanent recruitment company, focusing on filling jobs in the telecoms and IT sectors. Based in the UK, we service clients across much of Western Europe.

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