Permanent recruitment for telecoms and IT

Finding some of the best people for key telecoms, technology and IT jobs across the UK and Western Europe.

Contract recruitment for telecoms and IT

Helping organisations to find skilled people for specific projects and fixed timescales.

Search and selection for telecoms and IT

An expert search to precisely locate, and then hire, the best talent available

Resource consulting

Helping organisations to solve skills acquisition challenges in innovative and practical ways – reducing recruitment costs and increasing efficiency

IT and telecoms recruitment

Well-Placed People is 100% focused on recruitment for telecoms and IT roles.

A key element of what sets us apart comes from our industry focus on telecoms and IT jobs.

Because we only recruit for telecoms and IT, we've developed a deep understanding of the industry, its needs, and the roles within it.

Western EU recruitment support

Well-Placed People thinks and works internationally, supporting candidates and organisations across Western Europe.

It's important that today's recruitment providers are able to support the needs of their clients - which increasingly means supplying people internationally.



Well-Placed People is a specialist contract and permanent recruitment company, focusing on filling jobs in the telecoms and IT sectors. Based in the UK, we service clients across much of Western Europe.

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